Outsourcing of HR record management

In association with UCMS Group your HR documentation will be all right. Always.


HR management – is one of the most routine, but at the same time most responsible and labor-intensive areas of work of administrative units.

Depending on the scale of the company, the HR record management requires employment from one to several dozen experts, ensuring correct registration of labor contracts, staffing, holidays, layoffs, business trips, etc. At the same they are required to provide a high level of attentiveness, a thorough knowledge of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and all the recent changes in the legislation, regulating labor relations, multi-tasking and a number of qualities

Focus on the main

Modern and recognized approach to the optimization of business processes of a company in the first place is the release from conducting the processes, which do not play a key role for the business, but at the same time taking a lot of time both from the ordinary and senior staff, in the result of which the company is not able to 100% concentrate its labor potential on its strategic development. HR record management is a classic example of such a process.

UCMS Group allows you to forget about independent HR record management and focus on the priorities of HR tasks.

We have all the necessary resources, experience and technology to ensure high-quality services for companies of all sizes.

Our main areas in the field of HR record management include:

  • Full management of HR documentation
  • Verification (audit) of maintenance of HR record management
  • Organization of HR record management from scratch, including development of personnel policies and all regulatory documentation

We provide services on a remote basis and on the principle “HR-implant”, i.e. presence of our specialist directly in the client’s office.

Regardless of whether you hire new employees, transfer them to new units or new positions – the outsourcing of HR record management can help your company comply with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Benefits of outsourcing of HR record management:

  • Improvement of efficiency of personnel departments of the company, reorientation of staff to strategically important tasks
  • Minimizing the risk of errors in the personnel records
  • Proof of compliance with personnel accounting legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Continuity of maintenance – the outsourcing provider cannot take a vacation, a sick leave or retire, leaving unfinished business.